The Internet of Paper

Spara favorit 9 okt oktober 2017
Dr. Kate Stone Cambridge University

Dr. Kate Stone – PhD exam in physics, University of Cambridge, and founder of the company Novalia

Many have declared print as dead, what if print is actually the next frontier, a portal to a digital world. You will be taken on a playful journey of discovery, and given a perspective of print and paper you never thought possible, a way to connect with people and the internet that is powerful and pervasive. And of course the best way to tell this story is lots of live demos, what could possibly go wrong?!

"Imagine a world where a teenager’s bedroom poster comes to life with the launch of a new album, or an LP that enables you to DJ from the actual record sleeve itself, or a notebook that actually plays musical notes? By adding interaction and capacitive touch to everything from hats and mandalas through to packaging and books, this is the world Dr Kate Stone is creating" says Kate Stone.

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