Science and innovation day

Review from Science & Innovation Day 2018

Watch the presentations from last year's Science & Innovation Day

Dr. Zhong Lin Wang, Georgia Tech

Dr. Zhong Lin (ZL) Wang, Regents' Professor at Georgia Tech, is an expert in nanogenerators and will take you on a journey to the world of Nano Technology.

Sofia Granath, WirelessCar

Sofia Granath, Director Strategy & Product Management at WirelessCar. She is devoted to re-define service in the connected world applied on automotive business.

Nyamko Sabuni, ÅF

Hur svarar vi upp mot de globala trenderna? Nyamko Sabuni, hållbarhetsdirektör på ÅF, berättar om hållbarhet som drivkraft för tillväxt samt om styrkor och svagheter i förändringsarbete.

Paulina Modlitba Söderlund,

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Future. Paulina from We Should be Friends got many years of experience working with social media, innovation and digital strategy.

Kristina Elowson, Volvo Cars

“Can AI solve the Autonomous Drive Challenges” Kristina Elowson is one of the project leaders in the AD project at Volvo cars and has been working at Volvo since 2014.

Mikael Jeppling, Telia 5G

Based on a years of experience from Product management and Business development in the telecom industry. Mikael was one part of the Telia Company 5G Core team.

Co-creation for transformation

Digitization challenges traditional business models and drives development towards a more sustainable society. How do the latest trends look and how do we cooperate to cope with the transformation? This and much more will be presented and discussed on October 15, 2019 at Science & Innovation Day in Sundsvall.

The conference is arranged by Mid Sweden University research centers STC - Sensible Things that Communicate at Mid Sweden University, FSCN - Fibre Science and Communication Network and CER -The Centre for research on Economic Relations together with RISE Processum and Fiber Optic Valley.


















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