Science and innovation day

Review from Science & Innovation Day 2018

Watch the presentations from last year's Science & Innovation Day

Johanna Reimers, Refind Technologies

"Using AI to sort batteries, fish and in-between" Johanna Reimers, CEO of Refind Technologies AB

Gustav Stenbeck

The meeting between sustainability and profitable business

Daniel Lidberg, Cellink

From start-up to scale-up to world leader.

Norah Klintberg Sakal

Artificiell Intelligence for... (you fill in the blank)

Alf Westelius, Linköping Universitet

"Affärsekologier, digitalisering och affärsmodeller"

Anna-Sara Fagerholm

"Universell utformning av Food tech"

Co-creation for transformation

Digitization challenges traditional business models and drives development towards a more sustainable society. How do the latest trends look and how do we cooperate to cope with the transformation? This and much more will be presented and discussed on October 15, 2019 at Science & Innovation Day in Sundsvall.

The conference is arranged by Mid Sweden University research centers STC - Sensible Things that Communicate at Mid Sweden University, FSCN - Fibre Science and Communication Network and CER -The Centre for research on Economic Relations together with RISE Processum and Fiber Optic Valley.


















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